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Southampton Meat Market

Retail & Retail Services : Grocery/Meat

We have been your local Butcher shop with gourmet flair since 1998. Our meats are sourced from local producers who raise the animals in a humane and natural environment. We sell BRUCE COUNTY BEEF that is dry aged for 21+ days for increased natural flavour and tenderness. Our Poultry and Pork is hormone free and grain fed. TAKE A BITE ON THE WILD SIDE with our selection of exotic meats. They include Buffalo, Elk, Duck, Pheasant, Lamb Don’t miss our assortment of sausages including, PORK (Cajun, farmers, apple & breakfast), Turkey, Elk and Smoked Bison. Our BURGERS are eclectic too with Beef, Elk, Buffalo and Vegetarian on the list. Yes we carry veggie friendly products including local produce in season! We've also become know as Southampton CHEESE Market due to our great selection of over 50 cheeses, Local, Artisinal & Imports

Business Address:
22 Grosvenor St. N
P.O. Box 1407
Southampton Ontario, Canada
N0H 2L0

Contact Name: Sue & Freddie Palethorpe
Phone: 519-797-2525


Chamber Member: Yes

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