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  • Meridian Credit Union Meridian Credit Union

    An exclusive offer for your business and employees

    Meridian has partnered with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to help you grow your business with exclusive banking offers and fantastic perks for your employees.
    Grow your business
    Transfer your day-to-day business banking to Meridian to take advantage of this great offer.

    30% off service fees
    On your business chequing account after your first year, for as long as you’re a Chamber/Board of Trade member.

    No-fee daily banking
    No monthly service fee on your business chequing account for one year.

    $200 welcome bonus*
    Redeem on a range of our great products and services.

    Leasing and financing
    Market-leading equipment leasing and financing options across Ontario through Meridian OneCap

    * $200 welcome bonus is available to new Meridian Business Banking Members only. Existing Business Banking Members will qualify for the ongoing
    30% service fee reduction for as long as they remain a Chamber member /Board of Trade in good standing; however, they will not receive the welcome
    bonus of $200.

    An exclusive offer for your employees!

    When you sign up with Meridian, you and your employees can take advantage of this great personal banking offer.

    Over $800 in value!
    • Pay no monthly service fee on any of our
    great chequing accounts for the first year
    • $250 Mortgage Cash Back when you transfer or open a new mortgage or home equity line of credit with Meridian
    • 1% Cash Back on Wealth Transfers (Minimum 10K) - max of $250
    • No annual fee on any of our VISA personal credit cards for the first year
    • Your first cheque order for free
    • A complimentary portfolio review with one of our investment experts.
    • Free access to Rate Scoop, Price Drop, Online, and Mobile banking

    Port Elgin Meridian Credit Union
    626 Goderich St, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C0

  • Park'N Fly Park'N Fly

  • HR Covered HR Covered

  • Chamber Benefit Plan Chamber Benefit Plan

    Tailor your benefit package to suit your needs, your families, and your employees. 

    • Extended Healthcare
    • Dental: Basic, major (5 or more employees), orthodontics (10 or more employees) 
    • Short Term Disability Group Term Insurance
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment 
    • Vision Care (5 employees) 
    • Cost Plus
    • Group R.R.S.P.'s 
    • Posaction 


    Unique Features 

    • 100% Fully pooled. Regardless of the number of claims you submit as an individual company, rates will not be penalized. The costs will remain the same as the costs for all other companies on the plan.
    • Pay-Direct prescription drugs. Present the personalized drug card at the drug store and claims are paid. 
      • No drug claim forms to complete
      • No waiting for the reimbursement
      • No lost claims
      • Accurate, fast and easy


    The Plan has been endorsed by: 

    • The Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce
    • Over 200 Chambers of Commerce & Board of Trade in Ontario
    • Over 650 Chambers of Commerce & Board of Trade across Canada
    • Over 12,000 Companies across Canada participating in the plan
    • Benefits are available to any size company, including firms with just 1 employee 
    • Benefits are available to any type of business 


    Every certificate holder now receives immediate access to a constantly updated global database of 50,000 specialists who have been deemed "best" by their peers. Working with your family practitioner, Best Doctors can diagnose your complex medical condition and apply the most appropriate treatment regimen. 

    This plan is offered to members only! It is the largest benefit program for small to large businesses. The plan is completely flexible based on your individual needs. 

    Service and support is available through our local agent: 
    Jaclyn Gostick
    NICOL INSURANCE INC. | www.nicolinsurance.com
    560 Goderich St. Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C0
    519-832-2093 or 800-376-5350 ext 406



  •    Ontario Workplace Naloxone Program Ontario Workplace Naloxone Program

    Prepare your workplace to meet OHSA and Bill 88 requirements. Access free training and naloxone kits under the Ontario Workplace Naloxone Program. 
    Registration for the Ontario Workplace Naloxone Program is now open, and your organization can access free training for up to two employees per workplace and/or one free nasal naloxone kit per workplace. 

    We understand how challenging it can be to navigate new regulatory requirements. With funding from the Government of Ontario, the Canadian Red Cross is offering limited-time support to assist eligible employers in meeting the new Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requirements. Through this program access to free training and kits is available to workplaces of any size from now until November 30, 2023.

    Free training: ON Workplace Naloxone Program – First Aid for Opioid Poisoning Emergencies:
    • Online, self-directed course (45-60 minutes) available in English and French.
    • Designed for Ontario workplaces to meet all requirements under the OHSA. Learners will gain skills and knowledge to prevent, recognize and respond to an opioid poisoning emergency, including how to administer nasal naloxone.
    • Upon successful completion of the training by the registered workers, one free nasal spray naloxone kit will be automatically shipped to the registered workplace (employers do not need to submit a separate request for naloxone kits). 
    • Employers will be required to attest at the time of registration that they have not previously registered for or received free training and/or a free naloxone kit through Ontario’s 

    Workplace Naloxone Program for the workplace location requested.
    • Employers with multiple eligible workplaces will need to complete a separate registration form for each location. Learn more about how employers can determine if they need to provide naloxone in the workplace.


    Free naloxone kits 
    • Request a free nasal naloxone kit for your organization and submit an attestation if training is not required. 
    • Employers must submit an attestation during registration to confirm a worker in the vicinity of the kit has received the required training under OHSA.
    • Employers must attest that they have not previously registered for or received a free naloxone kit for the requested workplace location.
    • Previous first aid training, such as Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid, does not meet naloxone requirements in OHSA.
    • Naloxone kits are shipped weekly from Ontario via Purolator, with Canada Post used for rural areas.

    Thank you for choosing Canadian Red Cross as your program provider. Together, we can reduce the risk of death from opioid poisoning in the workplace and increase awareness of opioid-related harms. For more information on the Ontario Workplace Naloxone Program, visit www.redcross.ca/WNP.

  • Schooley Mitchell: The Cost Reduction Experts Schooley Mitchell: The Cost Reduction Experts

  • Purolator Purolator