• Chamber Group Insurance Plan

    Tailor your benefit package to suit your needs, your families and your employees. 

    • Extended Healthcare
    • Dental: basic, major (5 or more employees), orthodontics (10 or more)
    • Short Term Disability Group Term Insurance
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
    • Vision Care (5 employees)
    • Cost Plus
    • Group R.R.S.P.'s
    • Posaction
  • Unique Features Unique Features

    • 100% Fully pooled. Regardless of the number of claims you submit an individual company, rates will not be penalized. The costs will remain the same as the costs for all other companies on the plan
    • Pay-Direct prescription drugs. Present the personalized drug card at the drug store and claims are paid.
      • No drug claim forms to complete
      • No waiting for the reimbursement
      • No lost claims
      • Accurate, fast and easy
  • The Plan The Plan

    The Plan has been endorsed by:

    • The Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce
    • Over 200 Chambers of Commerce & Board of Trade in Ontario
    • Over 650 Chambers of Commerce & Board of Trade across Canada
    • Over 12,000 Companies across Canada participating in the plan
    • Benefits are available to any size company, including firms with just 1 employee
    • Benefits are available to any type of business
  • Now Available Now Available

    Every certificate holder now receives immediate access to a constantly updated global database of 50,000 specialists who have been deemed "best" by their peers. Working with your family practitioner, Best Doctors can diagnose your complex medical condition and apply the most appropriate treatment regimen.

    This plan is offered to members only! It is the largest group benefit program for small to large businesses. The plan is completely felxiable based on your individual needs.

    Service and support is available through our local agent: 
    Jaclyn Gostick
    560 Goderich Street | Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C0

    [P] 519-832-2093 or 800-376-5350 ext 406

    For further information about the Chamber Group Insurance Plan visit http://www.chamber.ca

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  • Local Agent:

    Jaclyn Gostick 

    NICOL INSURANCE INC. | www.nicolinsurance.com
    560 Goderich Street | Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C0

    [P] 519-832-2093 or 800-376-5350 ext 406

  • The Chamber Plan:

    •  Now has Guaranteed Issue medical coverage?
    • Includes the best travel insurance available, no per-existing condition clause, no limit?
    • Now offers benefits for life, through a retiree plan?
    • The Chamber's pooled plan has been had only an average renewal of 3.5% over the past 5 years and only 4.2% over the last decade?