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      Joanne is a local resident, PROUDLY born and raised here in the heart of Port Elgin. A community member, who you may have seen for many years working at her families Pizza shop, which was New Orleans Pizza, Port Elgin (RIP)
      Years ago, Joanne took on the opportunity to work with and for a local small business in town. It started with an opportunity to clean the space for Eric at the Sunshine & Sparkles Laundromats' in Saugeen Shores. Joanne loves being outside and doing anything adventurous when not doing the work grind.

      WHAT WE DO:
      LAUNDDRY, of course!
      Joanne is MORE than happy to do it!
      After many years of being asked if there was such service in town, Joanne quickly found that there are seniors, and caregivers, union workers, and small business that simply could not keep up with laundry, and let's face it, who can?! So we pulled through COVID and now we're Foldin'! We provide simple, wash dry and fold service. Soap and dryer sheets Included! You'll even get a statement with the weight of your order, cost and etc.

      Your laundry is going to be kept in town! Laundry is done at Sunshine Laundromat, in Port Elgin. This is our HUB. You can find the pick up / drop off door at the rear of the building at Sunshine Laundromat, located at 525 Market Street Port Egin.
      Better yet, Joanne does Pick Up & Delivery, which is included in our '' Bag Deal'' COOL , eh ???

      HOW: How does she do it ?
      Email info@freshfolds.ca to arrange pick up , or tell us when you would like to drop your laundry.