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      Hi, my name's Jamie. I'm a 20 year old entrepreneur from Saugeen Shores, Ontario, Canada. As one of many young people who is aware of the climate crisis but has felt powerless to stop it, I created this business to take matters into my own hands. My goal is to give people the option to support a business that they are confident will put the environment first in every aspect of our operations.

      I've always had a passion for environmentalism but felt I wasn't able to make the big changes necessary to have a real effect on the climate crisis on my own. Individually we don't have the power to reverse global warming, with this in mind, I'm striving to build a community of people who want to work together to fight for our future. The next generation is passionate and powerful and while people from all over the world have banded together in rallying we also need an outlet to build our collective influence.

      Enacting real change as that privilege's often reserved for owners of large corporations and politicians, people that hold more influence on our future then we do. Businesses are some of the largest generators of pollution. I like many other young activists have been demanding change from companies for years now and I've begun to realize that words can only do so much. So I decided to establish my own business and lead by example. My goal is to show companies that consumers want real change -- not green washing or one line of ''environmentally friendly products'', but a place they can go where they know that what is best for the environment is a priority in every decision ma